CAM Training

An investment in CAM software should always include time to learn how to use it quickly and efficiently. Your new software is a tool, and getting the most from it in the shortest time is the fastest way to make a return on your investment. Our CAM training solutions are designed to do just that.

One of the huge benefits of HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & CAM for Fusion 360 is their CAM functionality is built on top of industry leading CAD products. While a CAM programmer doesn’t need to know how to use the advanced features of the CAD system, they do need to know the basics so they can make the most the new tool at their disposal. With that in mind our Autodesk CAM class are split in two. CAD basics, then CAM.

  • Tailored courses to suit your manufacturing environment and skill level
  • Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasise real-world applications
  • Meet at a time convenient for you, with in class, remote or on-site training
  • Increase your competitiveness

Inventor CAD Basics

This will typically take 4 to 8 hours to complete depending on your skill level.

  • The user interface
  • Workspace / Project files
  • Work Features including Co-Ordinate systems
  • Sketching
  • Basic solids
  • Basic surfaces
  • Basic Parameters
  • Basic Assemblies (Placing components, constraints and joints)
  • Basic Drawings

Fusion CAD Basics

This will typically take 4 to 8 hours to complete depending on your skill level.

  • The user interface
  • Data Panel / A360 Projects
  • Work Features
  • Sketching
  • Basic modelling
  • Basic surfaces / patch
  • Basic Assemblies (Joints)
  • Basic Drawings

CAM Training Basics

We recommend a day (8 hours) to cover all the options in detail.

  • Setting up Jobs
  • Specifying the Work Coordinate System
  • Tool creation and management
  • Contour selection techniques
  • 2D Toolpaths
  • 2D Toolpath containment
  • Simulation
  • Post processing & Setup Sheets
  • Cimco Edit basics

3D CAM Training

There are a lot of options to go through with our 3D & Turning CAM commands. So a day focusing on this is a great start, with possibly a second day for the simultaneous & mill/turn tool sets, depending on your requirements.

  • Turning & Mill/Turn Turn/Mill setup
  • 3D Toolpaths
  • 3D Toolpath containment
  • Turning toolpaths
  • Positional multi-axis
  • Simultaneous 5-axis toolpaths (for Inventor HSM Pro & HSMWorks Premium users)
  • Stock simulation

Custom, Remote or On-site Training?

Do you have a group, or you would prefer us to come to you? The advantages of having us come to you are limited only by the way you use our time. On-site training is an ideal way to get the software working harder for your company. Delegates are encouraged to bring problems and queries to the course days so that they can be used to streamline the work processes in your company.

The days can be organised around a specific project, used to initiate the implementation of new software or setting up customised workspaces & toolbars, or showing you just how far the software can take you and your business forward.
CADPRO even has a purpose built training suite of high-spec’ Laptops we can bring to your offices to prevent you having to move computers around for the purposes of training.

Our recommendation for on-site or class based CAM training is to start with a full day, then use the remainder of your training package to access ad-hoc remote training in one or two hour chunks over the next few weeks. Where all of the training is carried out remotely, we suggest two half days, then the remainder of your time to be consumed as and when needed. We find this approach suits the demands of fitting training in with your heavy work load, while maximising information retention, which in turn further accelerates your path to a competitive advantage.

CAM Training Pricing

Travel, accommodation and associated expenses will be calculated on an as needed basis. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

CADPRO Technical Support subscriber pricing
AU $1,500 per day (8 hours)

What is CADPRO Technical Support for CAM users?

Standard Pricing
AU $1,950 per day (8 hours)

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