Seamlessly integrated inside the design environment, Autodesk HSM Express is provides a world-class user experience, meaning it’s intuitive and easy to learn. The best part is this 2.5 axis CAM product for Inventor and Solidworks is completely free.

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Featuresfree CAM for Inventor 2.5 axis use material

  • Toolpaths for standard milling operations, including 2D roughing and pocketing, drilling, facing, and contouring
  • Simulation capabilities for forward and reverse material removal
  • Customizable JavaScript-based Post Processor System with industry-standard posts included
  • Powerful CNC program editor with file compare, block numbering, text editing and remove comments

Toolpath Strategies

free CAM for Inventor 2.5 axis stock simulation2D machining can range from the very simple to the very complex. Autodesk HSM Express includes all the tools you need for precise control over all aspects of 2D machining, including lead in/out and transitions between passes.

  • Drilling and Hole Making
  • Face
  • Pocket
  • Adaptive Clearing
  • Contour
  • Slot
  • Thread Milling
  • Bore Milling
  • Trace


Use Autodesk HSM Express to easily machine 2D and 3D contours. Control lead-in and lead-out with or without tool compensation. Choose multiple roughing and finishing passes and multiple depth cuts for any contour. Machine open and closed contours without creating additional geometry and eliminate sharp motion with corner smoothing.


Pocket toolpaths machine closed areas with and without islands. Entry can be selected anywhere on the model and set for plunge, ramp, or at a pre-drilled position. The special high-speed option creates smooth toolpaths that allow for maximum tool engagement, significantly higher feedrates, and reduced machining time and reduced tool wear.

Drilling and Hole Makingfree CAM for Inventor 2.5 axis slot clearing

Autodesk HSM Express includes powerful tools for generating drilling, counterboring and tapping operations. All operations are optimized to minimize tool travel and overall cycletime. Both standard and customized cycles are supported for all point-to-point operations, including spot-drilling, deep drilling with chip break, and boring cycles.

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